Sploshing Is the Hot, Messy Sexual Fetish Where You Get Covered in Food

Humans can get sexually aroused by so many different thingsjust look at the list of the most common sexual kinks in the U.S. Some people love getting spanked or talking dirty in bed. Some folks get aroused by elements of BDSM , which stands for bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism; these people can get worked up (in the best way) when they're being tied down and sexually humiliated.

Let's Talk About Sploshing, the Messy Food Fetish

Then there are the people who get aroused by food. Well, not exactly food in and of itself, but rather playing with food in a sexual context. Think, licking chocolate syrup off your partner's chest, bathing nude in tub of spaghetti sauce, or even sitting butt-naked on a cake. Those who are turned on by the messiness of food have a kink known as "sploshing."

Sploshing, at its most basic level, refers to the act of incorporating food into your sex life. The sexual kink or fetish can take many forms, but in general, it happens when a person gets aroused by seeing and playing with copious amounts of food in a sexual setting. Sploshing is a subset of the "wet and messy" fetish (WAM), which also includes messy non-bodily substances like shaving cream, slime, paint, lotion, etc.

Some people may enjoy being covered in these substances, while others may enjoy covering others or watching overs get covered by them, explains Dr. Justin Lehmiller , a research fellow at the Kinsey Institute.


There's no research that tells us how common sploshing is specifically, but there's data out there that sort of points us in the right direction.

For his book , Lehmiller surveyed 4,175 Americans, asking them about their sexual fantasiesincluding vomiting in a sexual context. Those with a vomit fetish, known as emetophilia, are turned on by either vomiting on themselves or seeing others vomit. (People with this fetish may get particularly aroused by vomiting or seeing someone vomit on a penis from deepthoating.)

Emetophilia is technically adjacent to sploshing, since body fluids are considered a distinct fetish. Still, vomit play often involves feeding a partner, which of course, constitutes sploshing. Anyhow, 2.2% of people surveyed said theyve ever had a fantasy that involved vomit, and 0.4% said this was something they fantasized about often. Lehmiller notes it was one of the rarest sexual fantasies that emerged in his study.


Like any sexual interest, the appeal can vary from person to person. Some people might enjoy it as a form of BDSM play, in which there is a submissive or masochistic element (like humiliation) involved in getting covered by a messy substance, says Lehmiller.

Others may just enjoy the physical or tactile sensation of these substances, he adds.

Ayesha Hussain, co-creator of Pass The Porn and founder of The Violet , says, There are aspects of the mouth being a vessel that are inherently sexual. It opens, its moist, and when you get aroused, your mouth opens more and gets more lubricated. This, she explains, could be the root of arousal.

Theres also a certain taboo associated with sploshing.

How many times were we told not to play with our food? Ayesha asks. There is a very alluring quality to the forbidden.


If you're interested in food play but aren't sure where to begin, Ayesha suggests bringing a plate of food into the bedroom. It can be anything: spaghetti, cucumbers, chocolate, etc. Then go ahead and eat it really slowly, allowing your partner to watch. Then switch. Watch every movement, taste every smell, imagine their saliva accumulating, and go from there!

If the idea of bringing food into the bedroom sounds a little too extremeor you don't want to try sploshing, but are interested in seeing what the fuss is aboutthere's always sploshing porn. (What isn't there porn for?) Search "sploshing" on Pornhub, and you'll find hundreds of videos involving people getting covered in food. There are also various Instagram accounts like this one dedicated to sploshing and other forms of WAM.


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