Travis Scott Might Have Broken His Knee on Stage, and the Video Ain't Pretty

Travis Scott Might Have Broken His Knee on Stage
  • Rapper Travis Scott seems to have suffered a knee injury performing this weekend
  • Video of the injury shows Scott landing on a buckling right leg
  • Scott finished his set and continued the Rolling Loud festival while injured

Rapper Travis Scott seems to have suffered a gruesome knee injury during the Rolling Loud music festival this weekend.

Scott was performing at Citi Field in Queens (because the Mets sure dont need the space this postseason). During the track Butterfly Effect , Scott leaped into the air and then came down hard on his right leg.

Travis Scott just broke his Knee at Rolling Loud and hes still performing after this. @RollingLoud $hari (@kingin77)

After the song, the Houston rapper addressed the crowd: I aint gon lie, I think I just, like, broke my knee just now. This show cannot stop. So middle fingers to the sky. Lets rage. Scott raged for the remainder of his set, remaining uncharacteristically stationary and with a makeshift knee brace made out of tape.

Theres been no shortage of horrifying, bone-splitting leg injuries caught on video though most are to the sound of sneakers squeaking on a court. Scotts appears so shocking just because of how easily he seems to have injured the leg; he appears to have only jumped a few inches into the air.

There are several ways in which we can strain our joints and incur knee injury , including gaining weight and hitting the pavement a bit too hard during runs. But there's one simple cause that may have done Scott (and many of us) in.

The most important thing you can do for your knees is give yourself an appropriate warm up period , Stephen Nicholas, M.D., founder and current director of New York Orthopedics, told Men's Health. That means stretching. Maybe Scott was a bit too hype to rage before Saturday's show. After all, long music sets are basically like intense workouts.


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