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This is an exclusive Pulse blog by British-Ghanaian television presenter and actress, Peace Hyde. "...The advantages we get being born into a particular family for example, can be seen as lucky seeing as the individual had no prior choice in that decision..."

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Hello and welcome to a Piece of Peace, your weekly dose of motivation and inspiration. This week I would like to share with you on the topic of Luck. I recently saw an article, which spoke about the main ingredients needed for success. In the article 3 main factors were short listed i.e. Luck, Hard work and preparation.  I found this very interesting. I am a firm believer in the latter. But the former has always been a controversial one for me. I think to a large extent I believe that you make your own luck. I posed this question to a couple of entrepreneurs I was interviewing this week.

One of them was of the opinion that, luck had a very big part to play in his success story. He was born into a privileged family and that gave him the opportunity to go to an Ivy League college, which in turn ensured he gained experience in a fortune 500 company before embarking on his own entrepreneurial journey as a venture capitalist. He believes the random chance of being born in the right family provided a ladder that meant he did not start from scratch.

The second entrepreneur is not from the same privileged background. In fact his success is one that is borne out of hardship and sheer determination. He attributes his success to determination. He believes luck is not something that just happens to you when you are not doing anything to push yourself. What actually happens is that, you work hard and tirelessly on a particular goal and over time that persistence will ensure that you are in a position to capitalise on every opportunity that comes your way.

The two opinions are both valid. I think luck does exist but not in the way many people believe it to be. The advantages we get being born into a particular family for example, can be seen as lucky seeing as the individual had no prior choice in that decision. However, in everyday life, the notion of luck in my opinion is something that only arise when the individual has put in the required effort to achieve a particular goal. Many people believe that all they need is luck to turn their situation around without putting in any work. They make excuses like, I am unlucky and only if I had his/her luck my situation will be so different. They pray for a day when their luck will change instead of fighting for the opportunity they need.

I believe luck is an opportunity that presents itself to only those who are fighting to achieve any given goal. So the next time you feel like saying how unlucky you are, ask your self, have you put in enough work for your fortunes to change? And always remember, be yourself, because everyone else is taken.

Much Love,

Peace Hyde.


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