11 ways to keep a Ghanaian man for yourself

Forget about Mama Gee's products💁‍♀️, here are 11 things 'main chicks' can do to keep their men away from 'side chicks'😊😊😊

Ghanaian woman with big ass

Relationships can be very stressful. It can suck the life out of you within the blink of an eye but when you have the right formulae, you can be the happiest person on the surface of this planet.

Whether you are dating or married, every woman has a common enemy, the side chick. However, there are key things the ‘main chick’ can do to keep her man.

  • Invest in your looks

Let your dressing reflect your personality. He should feel confident to invite you to any event and be rest assured that you will be the centre of attention with your looks and intellectual beauty. Life is too short, invest in sexy lingerie, bra and panty sets that would boost your feminine power and attract him.

  • Cook good food

It’s true. The way to a man’s heart is through food but that is not all. Serving him with quality meals means he will stop eating out and spend more time at home.

  • Quality sex

Everybody loves sex. Sexual intercourse is a healing process after a stressful day at work. Did you know good sex can help burn calories? Sex also promotes better sleep, keep him in good shape and also give him a clear mind to think and make new records at work.

  • Tidy up your home

If you want him to spend more time with you indoors, always declutter and keep your home organised. He should feel happy and easily identify things when you are around.

  • Be open-minded

Don’t be defined by a set of strict rules. Successful people tend to approach life with an open mindset — an eagerness to learn and a willingness to be wrong.

  • Love his hobbies

Is he a football fan, table tennis or love swimming? Share the same interest, learn more about it and compete fiercely with him.

  • Create a strong bond with his family

One of the easiest ways to build trust between you and your man is by showing genuine care and affection for his family. Love and treat them like your own family and he will also love you unconditionally.

  • Have a side job

If you want to live a comfortable and easy life, you should prove that you are capable of supporting financing or take up a managerial role. You can provide services or sells products either online or in a shop to provide extra income to support. 

  • Sex texting

Keep sex life alive. Spend your leisure writing a love poem or letter for him. Compliment his looks every morning and welcome him from work with a kiss and a bright smile.

  • Shower him with gifts

The little presents or surprises you do for him goes a long way to strengthen the relationship. Birthdays are celebrated once a year but let him extra special each passing day with your love and gifts.

  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Your health is your wealth. Every man wants a ‘good’ woman who can take care of his kids and nurture them to be responsible adults. 


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