3 things that make people insecure in bed

Dating someone with more sexual experience than you can be both a blessing and a curse.

Signs he is just about the sex and not love

Sex is a very intimate act that can be done with any consenting adult, but doing it right means trusting yourself and your partner enough to go through with it.

  • Self-perception

When your partner thinks they don’t have the perfect body and allow their allow their flaws to consume them, their sex lives are directly affected.

You can proudly show off your body in the bed when you accept it. They don’t care whether the light is on or off during loving making.

  •  Having too many sexual partners

What is the maximum or a minimum number of partners one should date before marriage? If your partner has a predisposed assumption that there is a number out there that can be counted as too many.

Once, you open up about your past history, it affects your relationship. Your partner becomes insecure assuming the number of partners you have slept with. It will take time before they accept reality and start a new life with you.

  • Willingness to try new things

Trying new things is the simplest way to spice up your relationship. Communication is key in every relationship because it takes two to tango.

ou can’t try any new things in the bedroom without discussing it with your partner. When someone refuses to explore their sexuality because they’re not sure how their partner will react, it means that they are harboring feelings of insecurity towards their ability to communicate about sex with their partner.


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