When a relationship starts, everything is all rosy and every day seems like Valentine’s Day until it isn’t. You might be in love with your partner and everything is going as planned but when you cannot agree on your finances, there’s a problem.

Other than the usual culprits, money spawns the greatest risk of breaking a relationship if not properly addressed on the initial stages of a relationship.

Here are some financial trouble warning signs to watch out for when in a relationship.

  • Telling lies about money

Lying is the basis of failure in any relationship. When you constantly find your partner in a lie when it comes to money, this should be a red flag not only for money but for the whole relationship.

Be wary of people who make promises they cannot keep or those when you meet for dates and they are always having excuses for not being able to pay bills. This time they forgot their wallet next time they hadn’t gone to the ATM.

All these are warning signs of someone who isn’t straight with their money.

  • Never splitting bills

When dating, both of you owe each other nothing. When you go for dates and you always find yourself paying all the bills and your partner is relaxed, this could be a red flag to watch out for.

When your partner is relaxed towards sharing bills, this is how things will be in future. You don’t expect them to change overnight when they are used to being spoilt and taken care of by you.

  • Refusal to talk about money

When a relationship is starting off, obviously talking about finances would be weird. However, after a few months of dating or even moving in together and your partner still refuses to talk about money, this could be a problem.

When your partner refuses to share their finances with you, this could mean they want to stay in control of their own finances or they don’t want you to know their financial status.

  • Always borrowing money

When you are in a relationship with someone who always seems to be in debt or is always asking you for money. This is a major red flag. Do you find yourself in a position where you hate your end months? In reality end months are fun and you should be happy to be receiving your salary, but for you, it is time to help your partner pay up on their ever late unending bills.

  • A flashy lifestyle

When your partner is always constantly buying you flashy gifts, dressing in designer outfits and taking you to expensive restaurants and they cannot afford it, this could be a warning sign. A person with a plan should be able to live within their means and be able to plan and see the future.