It’s not easy but here are 5 simple ways to win him over.

  • Straight up tell him

Sometimes, you just the hit the nail right on the head. If it is taking too long for him to approach you, just let him know how you are feeling.

Practice it over and over again in front of your mirror and confidently tell him if nothing else works for you.

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  • Have an interest in his interests

One easiest way to gain his attention is by developing an interest in the things he is interested in. He is likely to talk about on his social media interest and you can easily join the conversation. He will start to see you as compatible and that’s close enough in guy world.

  • Compliment his looks

Men also love it when women compliment their looks. Take advantage and tell him how sexy he looks every day and he will also notice how you look. He will start to pay attention to your personality if there is a chance that you can have some drinks after work.

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  • Use body language

Let him know how much you're into him with your body gestures. Unfortunately, men are always focused on what your body is doing than what your mouth is saying.

When you two are talking, lean in closer, flip your hair flirtatiously, and sway your hips when you walk away. These are all ways to show him that you’re interested, and he will definitely be paying attention.

  • Smile more

Smiling is basically a universal sign of happiness. People love to hang around people with positive vibes. Let go of your bitter past and try to be especially around him. If you’re really that interested in him, this might just be automatic.