5 factors to consider before starting an office romance

Workplace romances give gossip mongers something to talk about

Office Romance

Office romance isn't like what you see in romantic movies, it's way more complicated than that. But you can't decide where and when the love bug would hit you and we all know that the heart always goes for what it wants. If you find yourself seeking more than a platonic relationship with a colleague of yours, how do you handle your attraction and emotions?

There are pros and cons of starting an office romance, here are some factors to consider before you make your next move:

1. Office policy: Every work place comes with its set of policies which keeps the organisation together. Does your company encourage romantic relationships between co-workers? It's better you find out before going ahead. Your job may be on the line for doing that, especially if it's a well paying one.

2. Conflicting interests: A conflict between your private life and work is likely to ensue where you may have to choose sides or make decisions which may be unfavorable to your partner. Conflict of interest may lead to favoritism in the workplace especially when your romantic interest is part of your team. This decisions may in turn affect your work and company's target. For instance, extending deadlines for your partner when you don't give the other team members the same liberty.

3. Avoid office gossips: Rumours and gists aren't new in office settings, but being the topic of discussion isn't always funny. Workplace romances give gossip mongers something to talk about. There's really no need to flaunt your relationship in anyone's face, keep it as discreet as possible away from the office, especially if you guys are just having a fling.

4. Break ups and the aftermath: When things go south and finally breaks off between both of you, how would you handle your relationship from then onwards? After a breakup you both have to move on, doesn't matter if you were hurt or not, lift your head up and take those baby step towards the next stage of your life.

5. Professionalism: Kissing, smooching and all the public displays of affection are a huge no-no in the office. Keep it all inside till you both leave the office. Don't mix your business with pleasure. Keep your office mails and chats as formal as possible, it would do you both good.


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