According to relationship expert Bruce Muzik, most relationships start with a magical moment and later you begin to realise how different you both are, how you sacrificed so much for them. The feeling of falling in-love starts to fade and you both argue about the dumbest things.

Here are the 5 stages every long lasting relationship has pass through

1. The romance stage: The magical moment between couples in every new relationship.

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2. The power struggle stage: In the power struggle stage, both partners start to think of ways to change each other but this never works. You both feel disconnected.

3. The stability stage: The romance returns in a deeper but more stable way but it's easy to get back to the power struggle stage if you don't learn mutual respect.

4. The commitment stage: You are ready to stay with your partner for better or worse, there is new balance of fun and freedom. You can always say to your partner "I love you".

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5. The bliss stage: Your relationship begins to make a positive difference in other people's lives.

Watch Bruce Muzik explain better in this short video: