7 things to do if you want to end up in a serious relationship

If you are ready to commit, find someone who's on the same page with you

Happy couple

Maintaining a serious relationship can be tasking . A successful long term relationship is a joint effort between two committed people.

If you have something 'real' and 'special' with someone you see a future with, here are 7 things to do which will make you more committed.

1. Look for the right partner: Keep your eyes open for 'wife and husband materials'. If you spot a potential player, there's no need dating them thinking they'll change.  Find someone who compliments you.


2. Be matured: Partying and drinking like a teenager is a no-no. Be more responsible, get a job and earn a good living. This would make you more independent and ready to handle what comes your way.

3. Be with someone who wants a serious relationship as you do: This crosses out the players and emotionally unavailable people. If you are ready to commit, find someone who's on the same page with you.

4. Make more effort: Loving someone involves not running away after two fights. We all know it's not easy, but if this is worth fighting for, then don't let anything stop you.

5. Have no expectations: Don't set the bar too high or too low. Don't expect too much so you don't end up disappointed.


6. Make room in your tight schedule: Set aside enough time to spend with your partner. If you are very busy during the weekdays, try to spend time with them on weekends. The more you are together, the stronger your relationship becomes.

7. Your future plans should align with theirs: Some things matter more when you are in a serious relationships. You guys should have a chat before things get too serious, this will help you check if your plans matches with theirs.


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