4 reasons why ladies love men with six packs

Find out why women are so obsessed with muscle packs men.

The admiration ladies have for men with the ‘’six packs’’ is just overwhelming. Ladies fantasies over almost all every ripped dude with firm abs for some interesting reasons.

Come to think of it, if was that easy to get such physique, why are only few guy with this fit stature.

Neither the less, people just get physically attracted to particular attributes for reasons that have nothing to do with seeking a social long term partner.

Pulse.com.gh brings you four fascinating reasons why women are so obsessed with muscle packs men.

1. Sexual appeal

It’s interesting how sexually appealing women find such features on men. This has put out an ideology of best sex moments with that ilk. To women, the ripped cut physique signifies sexual potency in bed. They are sure of scoring multiple times with the deep moans and groans.

2.Security assured

The ripped nature of a man’s physique and defined cuts of his belly area to them indicates male supremacy and physical strength. There is wide belief that man of such form possesses much strength.

This is only a belief but not the truth. This could possibly be as a result of the difficult process involved in gaining such feature. Let’s not forget some people naturally have such features.

3. Shirtless moments

You will be intrigued by this but believe you me just as some men are drawn to women with bigger boobs and would love to go out with her showing some skin to get his other friends day dreaming, women equally are attracted to guys with that perfect packs to equally flaunt his shirtless moments on social media or possible have gone swimming with him at the pool side for some attention.

4. Next to perfect

Some ladies ignorantly see ripped abs muscular guys very attractive and would date one because of their alpha male features that denote to them perfect gentlemen.

This is partly because of how revered these individuals are in our community. Women will go that line because of the perceived dignity it comes with.


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