He job also goes in line with saving people.

Firefighter groom, Cody Campbell, who married fiancée, Kelly Yocca, was in the middle of his wedding reception when an elderly woman in her 60s began to choke on the steak she was eating.

Daily Mail reports that the groom's father, Craig Campbell said he was giving a toast when the incident occurred. The woman started to choke suddenly which sent his son out of his seat.

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"(Cody) saved her life," Craig Campbell said.

"Her airway was completely obstructed."

30-yr-old Campbell said rushing to someone who is in dire need of help has become 'second nature' to him after all the training he has gone through.

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However, saving someone's life at your own wedding is quite unusual. He described the incident as 'surreal'.

"Once the steak was out, I turned around and 200 people were staring back at me," he said.