Hookup culture is growing among young people — it won't end well

Experts warn that hookup may have a negative impact on our emotional sphere.

Not everything that is easy and pleasant will be good for us in the long run [iStock]

Hookup is becoming more and more popular not only among people from the younger generation, but also among people in their 30s and 40s.

Such relationships may seem like a great solution, but experts warn that there is also another side to the coin.

Not everything that glitters is gold and not everything that is easy and pleasant will be good for us in the long run.


Let's start by explaining what a hookup is. It's a relatively new term, but the phenomenon itself has been around for a long time. Recently, however, it has been gaining strength. More and more people are starting to live this way, or more and more people are starting to talk about it directly and admit their preferences.

Experts have no doubt that there is more to it than simple convenience. They also warn that hookup may have a negative impact on our emotional sphere.

Simply put, it is about no-strings relationships based mainly, but not only, on sex. Singles meet different people, spend nice time together and have fun. And then they go back to their home and their lives. They don't have to explain anything to anyone, make compromises or struggle with the problems that appear sooner or later in relationships.

"I've become alienated from men and I don't want another disappointment," says 32-year-old Magdalena. "Previous partners cheated on me, took advantage of me financially, or expected me to be their cook and cleaner. In every relationship I had to fight for respect. I'm fed up with this," she admits.


"I don't have the strength to continue looking for someone sensible. Anyway, why? Years later, I came to the conclusion that relationships are overrated. I prefer casual meetings with clear rules. More pleasure, less stress and problems," she explains.

Everything is simple, nice and... short. Such meetings may be one-off or last several weeks. The key thing is that there is no deepening or building of relationships here. Everything stops at the first, superficial stage.

"I think that in many cases such a lifestyle can become a path to emotional emptiness," says psychotherapist and author of guides, Joanna Godecka, in an interview with Onet.

"It is worth being careful not to deprive yourself of valuable relationships by running away from routine, obligations and responsibilities. Life without significant relationships with people, without higher feelings - without love, without trust, without loyalty - is deprived of meaning," she warns.


"When fleeting, casual acquaintances become the norm for us, it may be difficult for us to change our thinking, especially since in hookup we approach relationships very shallowly and do not create obligations.

"It can be said that both parties are agreeing on a short-term lease of proximity limited to physical contact. And when we start treating our personal sphere like a rental store where we can choose, sort, exchange and return goods at will, it may seem to us that it is much more convenient than making a choice and its consequences," she explains.


This article was originally published on Onet Woman.


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