How long should you date before making the relationship official?

No magic number tells how many dates before a relationship should become official.


Each person is different, and there are no two identical relationships. The best approach must be right for you and the person you are dating.


Some relationships become official after only a few dates, while others yield results after a few months.

The number of dates before your relationship becomes official is totally up to you. Only you can tell what action is most suitable. Some dating rules may be a good idea if you fall in love with others, but you can also find yourself easily hurt.

However, if you are usually very cautious with your feelings, then there is no need to have a set number of dates before establishing an official relationship.

How to know it's time time to make your relationship official

  • You are treated as if you are already in a relationship 

One major factor you should always consider when asking yourself how many dates you need before your relationship becomes official is how your partner treats you.

If you are both constantly communicating and sharing your feelings throughout the day, you may have reached the point where making your relationship official is imminent.

  • You are best friends

You tell each other everything. If there is gossip or good news, you are both excited to share your thoughts. If you consider each other your best friends and have a strange emotional bond, then you owe your friendship a stamp of approval.

  • You're introduced to family and friends

This is the closest sign to helping you understand how many dates you need before making your relationship official.

If they introduce you to their family and friends, talk about travelling with you, or even how your children would look, it is obvious that having a relationship catches them off guard.

Family is always something special for everyone; we all appreciate and want to protect. So, if he takes you to his house and introduces you to his family, it’s a good sign that he wants you to be part of his family.

  • Randomly speaking about your relationship 

This could be a great sign if you both speak about your relationship frequently. Talking about how great you will be as a girlfriend or boyfriend is a perfect example here.

At such times, that person is trying to show you he is ready for commitment.


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