Whether your partner’s love language is acts of service, receiving gifts, or if they love words of affirmation or spending quality time with you, your duty as a partner is to recognize the best ways to consistently show them just how much you love and cherish them.

If your partner loves physical touch above other love languages, here are things to do to make them feel loved and happy always:

1. PDA

If your partner likes being touched, finding a comfortable level of PDA is one way to keep them happy.

Touching them in public shows fondness that you are willing to show even to outsiders.

If your partner likes physical touch, you may have to do a lot of it like Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. [Credit Getty]

2. Non-sexual touch

You need always pat, run your finger through their hair, hold hands, kiss their cheeks, a back rub here, a massage there… you can’t afford to not do these.

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3. Take foreplay serious

Foreplay is taken more seriously when your partner’s preferred love language is physical touch. So you can’t afford to not get it right or to not pay enough attention while at it.

You need to be a pro at foreplay.

It is not only the sexual touches that count for such partners, the non-sexual ones matter, too. [Credit: Getty Images]

4. Touching others

Be thoughtful about how you touch others when your partner’s love language is physical touch. If there is a certain touch you regularly do to your partner, try to reserve that for him or her.

Doing it to others might trigger jealousy and downplay the importance and special nature of those touches when it seems like you are doing it to almost everyone.

5. Be great in bed

You can’t afford to be poor, lazy, lackadaisical or non-experimental with sex.

When a partner’s love language is physical touch, one way to show affection is to make sure the sex is always bomb.