5 ways you can make your husband a better person for you

In marriage, it's easy to slip into a routine where we offer only the basics to each other. However, the essence of marriage lies in uplifting one another.

Make your husband a better person [Image credit: Ron Lach]

If you feel that your partner isn't putting their best foot forward and your relationship is losing its spark, here are some effective ways to rekindle the flame and bring out the best in them.

1. Compliment him often Everyone loves compliments, and men are no exception. Compliments do more than just boost his ego; they demonstrate your love and admiration.

Notice the little things - like how he looks or how he's made an effort for you. Let him know he's appreciated.

A simple “You look great today” or “I love how you handled that situation” can significantly improve his mood and his day, making him more inclined to do the same for you.


2. Appreciate him: Appreciation is a key ingredient in a healthy relationship. Acknowledge the efforts he makes, no matter how small.

Whether it's taking out the trash, fixing a leaky tap, or just being a good listener, your acknowledgment can be a powerful motivator for him to continue these positive behaviors.

A heartfelt “Thank you for being so thoughtful” goes a long way in reinforcing his actions.

3. Focus on his positives Everyone has weaknesses, but in the same way, everyone has strengths too. If you want your husband to do better tell him what he does better.

Emphasize what he does well and support him in areas where he's not as strong. Encourage his talents and hobbies, and celebrate his achievements.


This positive reinforcement not only boosts his confidence but also encourages him to do better.

4. Be patient with him Remember, your husband is human, with his own set of imperfections. It's important to exercise patience, just as you would want him to be patient with you.

Understand that change doesn't happen overnight and that small, steady improvements are more sustainable than expecting immediate perfection.

5. Communicate your feelings Instead of expecting him to guess what's wrong, communicate your feelings.

When you are unhappy about something let him know instead of punishing him with silent treatments and making him guess what he did wrong. It’s unfair because he can’t read your mind and this attitude only creates more distance.


Marriage is a journey of growth and companionship. By focusing on these five aspects, you can create a more fulfilling and joyful relationship.

Life is short, so make your home a sanctuary of happiness and shared memories. Cherish each day with your partner and strive to be each other's best friend and biggest supporter.

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