A newlywed bride in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) got herself into trouble after borrowing from neighbours after spending frivolously on her wedding dress.

Her husband had filed for divorce after realising she spent about $40,000 on her wedding dress instead of using the money to pay for their wedding party.

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The man who proposed to her shortly after they became acquainted, agreed to pay $40,000 (upto Dh150,000) to spend on the wedding party and its preparations and invitation cards.

But after the wedding had ended, the man realised his new wife had a debt of between Dh150,000 and Dh200,000 which she had borrowed to pay for the party.

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The bride later confessed after she was confronted by her husband. A confession which made her husband very angry, filing for divorce before a Sharia Court.

“The wife was exposed when her lenders asked her to repay the money … the woman had to divulge the bitter truth and she asked him [her husband] to repay her debt as well,”   The Gulf News reports.

The man was granted a divorce.