Relationship Talk With Bukky: My boyfriend has money but he never gives me

I really feel like dumping him.

My boyfriend has money but he never gives me

Dear Bukky,

My boyfriend has money but he finds it very difficult to give me money for me to get the things I want. What can I do for him because I feel like leaving him?________________

Dear reader,

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you really need to know that this attitude you have towards relationships, and especially, towards your partner’s money, is a really wrong one.

The money is his, and despite the admiration reserved for men who are generous and liberal enough to give their women money regularly, it is not your right. Access to a boyfriend’s money is not your right.

Of course, I think your boyfriend too has some fault for not sharing the money he has with you, because, really, that’s what love is about. People in relationships should always be willing and ready to share with each other everything they have.

However, the choice to share the money with you remains exactly that – a choice. If he chooses to not, it should not be the basis of dumping him, especially if you are guilty of not giving him anything, too!

Please don’t come up with the excuse that he has more and should be the one giving. It doesn’t make it right.

And I also do think that with a boyfriend like yours, that could be the key to unlocking his sharing potentials.

You could talk to him about the need to give you out of the money you claim he has, or you could just give him occasionally from the little you have. That would speak a lot louder and if he’s any good, he’ll get the hint and begin to do as you want. That way, everyone wins.

So, you see, the problem isn’t always with the other person and the answer to all relationship problems isn’t to get out of it.________________Do you want to talk about your love life, marriage or family issues?

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