Run away from people who do these 3 manipulative things to you

Sometimes, we are unable to see the red flags that signal danger.

Manipulation is common in all sorts of relationships [Adobe Stock]

More and more people talk about the phenomenon of toxic relationships that insidiously destroy our everyday life.

Often too emotionally attached to the manipulator, we are unable to see the red flags that signal danger.

Here are three of the most common manipulation techniques that toxic people use to control others.


You should be mindful of people who do these things.

The person using this technique constantly presents himself as the wronged person, claiming that his actions are beyond reproach and that the rest of the world is the source of his problems.

Such manipulation is common in partnerships, friendships and family relationships. In conflicts, such people make the other party feel guilty by not noticing their mistakes or deliberately ignoring them.


A manipulator makes offensive comments about you, and when you bring it to his attention, he denies the allegations, claiming that it was just an innocent joke. He may also try to convince you that you are the one who has no sense of humour.

In such situations, remember that you are the one who sets your boundaries and if something offends you, the other party should understand and respect it.


A manipulator insults you and then claims he is doing it for your good. Often, such people consider themselves the "heroes" of the situation, arguing that they are "sincere" and "blunt" with you.

Remember that constructive criticism should not hurt your feelings.


This article was originally published on Onet Woman.


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