As a guy, you probably don’t feel the onus is on you to be romantic. Maybe you’ve don’t even think the girl wants you to be romantic.

After all, romance was something your grandparents did, right? And those days are long gone. In 2016, we do things differently.

Not quite. Despite the rise of instant-dating apps like Tinder, and despite what popular pickup artists might tell you, girls still want to be romanced by men the way their grandmother’s we’re romanced. It’s true. Indeed, romance can lift you out of the friend zone and into exactly where you want be. Romance can also help a simmering relationship reach boiling point.

If you’re not entirely sure about how to be romantic, let’s take a look at 10 tips for guys on how to romance her.

Girls love it when guys remember things, and they get really despondent when we don’t remember things. If you surprise her on your anniversary with a gift before she’s had the chance to scream “I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU FORGOT IT WAS OUR ANNIVERSARY OMG” you’re onto a winner.

It’s really romantic when you remember key dates and make plans for them. If you’re not the best at remembering dates (who is?) it’s a good idea to pen them in on a list. Make a note of her birthday, and your anniversary. Write down the date you shared your first kiss with her, as well as any other dates you know are special to her. And when the dates swing around, do something special for her. She’ll love it.

She’s your lover.

She’s also your best friend.

She might even be your soul mate.

Eventually, she could be the mother to your children.

She’s always going to be there for you, through the good times and the bad times.

She won’t let you down.

She sounds amazing.

She is amazing.

So make a toast to her before your evening meal. Let her know you’re thankful that she’s in your life. Let her know she’s special and that she deserves this toast and many others.

“Here’s to you.”

You might think that as a guy in a relationship, it’s the girl who should be affectionate. You just need sit back and enjoy it. After all, us guys don’t do affection, right? Men just aren’t born affectionate.

But girls want you to show affection. They want you to reach out for a hug first, to grab their hand in the street and spontaneously embrace them under the streetlights. It won’t emasculate you, I promise. Try it!

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You probably think that photo albums are dead in this, the age of the selfies. Most people think that photo albums are dead.

Your partner probably thinks they’re dead, too.

And this is why she’ll be knocked off her feet if you make a photo album that celebrates the memories you two have shared together. She won’t be able to believe it. She’ll be stunned, surprise, amazed – and more in love than ever.

Making a photo album is going to take up a bit of time and will demand some creativity on your part. But it’ll be totally worth it.

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Romance truly is dead if you can’t share important things with your partner. If you’d rather keep your likes, dislikes, worries and hopes to yourself, it doesn’t really say a lot for this relationship. Sure, it keeps you invulnerable, but it also keeps you at a distance.

Sharing things with your partner is romantic. Whether you’re sharing a gift of opening up about your day, you’re involving them in your life by bringing them closer to you.

Your partner surely has dreams. But in what way are you helping her to achieve them?

Some men feel threatened by their partners’ dreams. They worry that their woman will be more successful than them and – worse still – that they’ll outgrow them.

It’s much more romantic, however, to encourage your partner to be the best she can be.

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I went away on a business trip recently to DC and when I returned home, my partner asked if I’d brought her a gift.

“I haven’t,” I said sheepishly.

I felt bad. I explained that I hadn’t had much time and that I never think about buying gifts, not even for myself.

“I know,” she said.

She knew because she knows me inside out. I always think inside the box – never outside.

So I decided to start thinking outside the box. On my way home from work, I now sometimes stop off at the supermarket and buy her some flowers.

In the morning I sometimes surprise her with a cup of coffee in bed.

In the evening, I leave a chocolate love heart on her pillow before she joins me in bed.

All of these things are out of character for me – and this element of surprise is so romantic.

I know how much you love a boys night out. But if you want to make a powerful romantic gesture every now and then, it’s a good idea to put the breaks on your night out with your buddies to see your partner instead.

Show her that she’s important to you. If she needs you, you’re always going to be there for her.

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Isn’t it funny how we get dressed up to the nines for when we have to meet total strangers, but let ourselves go around our partners? We walk around the house in frayed slacks, torn sweaters and socks with holes in. We look like a hobo, but we don’t mind because our partner loves us anyway.

This is not exactly romantic, guys. It’s time to change. It’s time to keep up appearances and dress to kill around your partner at all times.

This means shaving each day (or at least getting your beard just right). It means wearing clean clothes and binning any socks with holes in. It means wearing cologne and smelling nice.

When you guys go out together, don’t spend half the night talking about work or what you and your best buddy are going to do at the weekend. Talk about her. Give her your full attention. Put your phone away and make her feel like she’s the centre of your universe.

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