8 silly things men should avoid doing

Know her menstrual cycle, assist her during those days of the month to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

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Know her monthly cycle to avoid conflict

Some men know how to calculate the menstrual cycle accurately than the women themselves. If you are a man and you don’t know then it's time to sit up and know when is her period to avoid causing unnecessary conflicts. Give her a little extra breathing room, a little more help to get through the rough week ahead for you both.

Always listen to her

Most women are attention seekers and every caring man must listen to his woman to know her needs, concerns, suggestions and address them. If she is talking to you, it is better to unplug your world and listen attentively to her just for some few minutes or hours. This will make her happy and always think you care about her.


Never forget her important dates

Anniversaries, birthdays, first day you met and other dates are so important to women that you should never forget. Set a reminder a week before such dates to give you ample time to prepare for the surprise party or buy a special gift for her. Just don’t forget if you don’t want to rant for a month.

Always be her deputy when she is fighting or arguing with someone

When your woman is having some girly moments with her bestie, you should definitely take her side and find ways to solve the issue amicably. It also includes her family members, always provides the shoulder for her to cry on or your relationship will not survive the fate of time.


Always compliment her when she is mad

Be sincere and say ‘I Love You’ whenever you offend her directly or indirectly. She will forgive you and calm down.

Don’t criticize her

Whenever she does something wrong; she knows and feels about it even before she tells you or you find out yourself. Don’t be the captain obvious and outline her mistakes to her. Just be a supportive partner and encourage her to do the best with care and dedication.


Listen to her words and ignore her actions when she is angry

If she is talking aggressively to you, listen to the words instead of reading her body language; they will give you the answer. Don’t be confused by her agitated body language. She might not be a crazy wife, listen to her words, she might just be stressed out.


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