8 ways to spend Valentine’s Day if you are single

Remind yourself that Valentine's Day is one day out of the year. Go about your routine and soon the day will pass.

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Don’t feel sorry for yourself. Being single on Valentine's Day is not a big deal. Take the day as an opportunity to reflect on who you are and what love means to you. Think about the ways you can give more love to yourself and others while you graciously accept the love that comes your way.

1. Remember love isn’t limited to romantic relationships

Spend time with your family. Visit your grandma, your parents or your brother at school.

2. Do something nice for someone or a group of people who do not receive as much love as they deserve. Donate a box of chocolates or a cake to an orphanage or play with the kids in your neighbourhood.

3. Invite your single friends for a hang out.

Get your single friends together for dinner, watch a movie together or just have drinks and good conversations.

4. Give yourself a treat.

Spend the day doing something that you don’t get to do often but brings you joy, play football with the boys, read a book, paint, take photographs of strangers, sleep all day, go get a massage.

5. Opt out of celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Remind yourself that this is one day out of the year. Go about your routine and soon the day will pass. Celebrating Valentine’s Day is only one way people decide to show love, there are several other ways, you don’t have to be part of it, just as you don’t have to be part of Halloween or Homowo.

6. Share the love with everyone.

Buy a pack of toffee, hand them out to people at work, on the street, in your neighbourhood and wish them a happy Valentine’s Day.

7. Buy yourself a valentine gift.

Use the money you would have spent on a significant other on yourself.  Go shop for yourself and buy those new pair of shoes you’ve been dying for.

8. Try out a new recipe.

Turn your home into a fancy restaurant. Be the head chef and the special guest. Try out a new recipe, if it turns out great, enjoy a fabulous dinner with yourself. If you screw up the recipe, laugh at yourself and go out for some Kenkey.

Source: By Dormaa Yeboah


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