What do you do to ensure that the fun in your relationship never fizzles out, and that time spent together is always quality and full of good vibes?

What are the best, most fulfilling things to do with time spent with your significant other?

Of course, all the known moves – movie nights, special dates etc – are useful but there’s more you can do to easily add some mojo to your relationship and researchers and scientists have found out the very best of these.

A happy couple can be happier by doing charitable work together. [Credit: Pinterest]

These science-verified activities are sure to keep your heart racing with excitement and positive vibes all the time!

Do charitable work together

Visit a home for motherless babies, volunteer at an orphanage, help widows and the aged. This will help you and your partner bond better according to a study from the journal of Hormones and Behavior. The study says doing this helps release oxytocin a, a bonding hormone.

A survey from Wallet Hub revealed similar results.

Sex promotes pair bonding among other advantages you are already familiar with [Credit: Insecure/HBO]

Make love

Of course, you’ve always known this but this information provided by researchers at the Florida State University might help concretize your conviction on the importance of sex.

They say that sex promotes “pair bonding” and that partners may experience a sex “afterglow” that can keep them on a natural high for days…even months.

Play music

Scientists at Freie University conducted a study and discovered that music is a great way to connect with people. They say music triggers the part of the brain that is responsible for trust, cooperation and empathy. It’s also linked to the release of oxytocin, the bonding hormone.

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traveling inspires romance, according to the US travelling agency [Credit: DevianArt]

See the world together

Couples who see the world together believe that traveling “inspires romance,” according to a study from the U.S. Travel Association.

This is undoubtable, to be honest, as change of scenery always is known to have this effect on people.

Guess why people always take their honeymoons to faraway places.