The memories we make with our family and friends are everything. Reminiscing on those beautiful experiences can switch up your mood and promote positivity.

Aside from coordinating with a talented designer to sew the perfect wedding gowns, one of the most vendors you need at on your big day is a photographer/ videographer to snap all the best scenes on your big. 

Photographers/ videographer plays a key role in every ceremony including weddings. Most people underestimate their role but photography goes beyond pressing the shutter of a camera. It entails capturing emotions to tell a story to share with future generations.

A photographer/ videographer should be meticulous, creativity, trustworthy and talented to document all the relevant things happening on the day from a caterer dancing while serving guests, to the MC showing off their dance moves and that moment when the bride and groom are showing public display of attention.

Wedding bells can’t stop ringing this year. Celebrities and ordinary Ghanaians have found love and we are always excited to write about it and attended the events in our beautiful apparels. Mostly importantly posed for these 10 photographers to take our pictures and share on their page.

Maxwell Jennings

Solmac photos

Team Nhyria

Focus and Blur


Jema Photography

Blayz pictures

Score Photography

Prilix Photos

Legendary Kofi