Dear Bukky,

My boyfriend doesn't love me anymore. Should I pressure him?


Dear reader,

That is a wrong mindset to have. It is never going to be OK to pressure anyone, no matter how gorgeous or fantastic they are, into loving you.

If the relationship with this man has given you so many great memories and this is why you now find it hard to accept that he has lost interest in the whole thing, you can take heart from knowing that you are better off by yourself than staying at a place where your presence is no longer appreciated.

When you want to be with someone, you should be sure at all times that they want to be with you just as badly as you want to be with them. The moment that balance is lost in the relationship, things will never be the same anymore and it does not make sense to be the one who begs or forces things to remain as they are.

If he wants to go, let him go. Pressuring, forcing and holding him back against his wish only puts you in a position of disadvantage. The relationship becomes one sided and that is not what you want.

If he cannot stay with you because he wants to, sister, let that man go.


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