Wedding is the most important event in everyone’s life. This is the reason women want to make it more special with their elegant attire.

Everyone wants to make it unique by including different types of unique things like attire, luxuries amongst others.

Usually, more attention is given to the bride’s gown than the groom’s outfit. But the groom’s wear for the day is equally important, and so much attention needs to be given to that too.

While you choose which one will fit you, the quality, style and size cannot be overlooked.

The question, therefore, is, with so many suit styles in the market, where do you start from?

Here’s your perfect guide to wearing a suit on your wedding day.

  • Know the size of your suit:

Nothing dresses a man like a perfectly fitting suit. But there are lots of fashionable traps to tap into.

To correctly determining your suit size, you need to measure your height, chest circumference, hip circumference, and waistband.

You also need to know your step length (along the leg, from crotch to the ground) and your side length (from the waist over the hip to the sole).

  • Know the colour that works for you:

When it comes to suits and colours, some suit colors are simply more useful and versatile compared to others.

It is important to know your skin's undertone, whether warm, cool or neutral. This will help you determine what best is suitable.

  • Accessories 

Accessorizing is just as important as wearing the suit itself.

The right suit accessories can add personality, break up the monotony of your daily office attire, and elevate your style to a whole new level.

  • Shoe game to compliment the suit

While it doesn’t take rocket science to choose the best shoes for your suit, it can also be an intimidating decision.

Check your suit colour and match it with a perfect combo. If mixing and matching colours isn’t your forte, no worries, just go all out for a neutral colour. Also, make sure your shoe colour matches the colour of your belt.