How to turn a watermelon into a cocktail

Ever been for one of those events (weddings especially) where drinks are served straight out of a fruit, so essentially you sip the juice right out of a pineapple or watermelon?

We have good news for you, now you can make it from right out of your kitchen. The best part is it doesn't have to be a mocktail, you can spike it up and effectively turn the fruit juice into a cockatail.

Simply follow the picture guide below courtesy Esquire for how to turn a water melon into a cocktail jug.

1.   Cut a hole into the middle of the watermelon, the hole should be big enough to fit  an immersion blender or hand mixer.

2. Get blending. Simply stick the blender inside the fruit and blend on medium-high.


3. Cut out a plastic cup which will be used to make a funnel of sorts. Ensure that it fits tightly into the space so that when you're pouring the drink out as little as possible spills.

4. Spike it up! Go right ahead and put in the liquor of your choice and the quantity you'd like.

5. It's ready to be served. Pop in a straw and drink directly from the watermelon or pour into a glass, which ever way works best for you.


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