Street Hustle Accra: A day in the life of shop-keeper saving for tertiary education

The subject for today's 'Street Hustle Accra', a shop-keeper, Susana Nketia tells us about how she survives in life with her field of work.

Street Hustle Accra: A day in the life of shop-keeper saving for tertiary education

Susana is a Senior High School graduate and is working to secure some money to continue her education.

Here’s more about her day:


Usually, I wake up at 4:30 am because I don't stay close to the shop. I have to prepare quite early so that I can get to the shop early.


So I do my usual house chores like sweeping and cleaning then prepare myself for the shop. At least by 6:00 am I should be at the shop. Because it’s a provision shop, I get there early so that I don’t miss the workers who would want to buy something for breakfast and some snacks for their children while they take them to school.

Sales are very active from about 6 am to 10 am. So after this time, I get some free time to eat breakfast then the usual work continues.


In the afternoon, sales are quite slow so I have enough time to sometimes read or be on my phone for a while. I check social media and news portal to see what is trending while doing my job as well.

After 3 pm, sales become active again because by then, students are back from school and parents begin preparing dinner so they buy a lot. During this time, there certainly isn’t time to check your phone or eat so all these must be done early to prevent me from getting hungry.



The evening sales are unpredictable. There are times when I either get active sales or a very dull sales time. When workers are home early, then they are likely to buy what they will need early. So just a few buy quite late in the evening. At other times, they come home late so they buy very late.

Regardless, I close at 9 pm so people who buy from me always do so before the time I close. I always make sure I eat before I close, if not, then it means I have to starve for the night because I am scared of getting a bigger tummy.

After I close, I head straight home because I always get tired for the day and have no time chatting with friends at that time.

So I get home, take a shower, check my phone and reply to some important messages and then go straight to bed.


Best work moments:

My work is a little flexible and gives me time to read and have time on my phone too, so I get in touch with friends.

One other interesting moment is when customers ask me to keep the change. It feels good and I save them for future use. Sometimes, I only spend my tips and save my salary for my school.


It’s difficult for my boss to trust me. Because of this, I write every single thing bought in the shop down including toffees and this is very stressful. I do this so that she knows I don’t steal from her.


Another thing is that I work from Monday to Sunday and it is very stressful. The only time I have to rest is when I am sick or I have to attend to some serious family issues.


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