Walkman cd players

The Walkman was a rite of passage and when you got it, after begging and saving and whining of course, you felt like you had truly arrived.


These days, we take portable music for granted these days as everywhere you look is more likely than not to have a pair of earbuds or headphones on as they walk, bike, or ride to their destination.

The thing is, personal portable music didn't exist for most of human history, at least not in any mainstream fashion, not until the Sony Walkman came along.

As the story goes, Sony co-founder Masaru Ibuka got the wheels turning months before when he asked for a way to listen to opera that was more portable than Sony's existing TC-D5 cassette players.

The charge fell to Sony designer Norio Ohga, who built a prototype out of Sony's Pressman cassette recorder in time for Ibuka's next flight.


After a disappointing first month of sales, the Walkman went on to become one of Sony's most successful brands of all time, transitioning formats over the years into CD, Mini-Disc, MP3 and finally,streaming music which is where we are today.

No one can deny that the Walkman was not a huge deal.

While the reign of the Walkman may be over, the habit remained and it has grown into what we have today, listening to music wherever and whenever you want.

Check out this hilarious video of kids when they see a Walkman for the first time.

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