Everyone dreams of a beautiful wedding but most people believe their dream weddings would break their accounts.

No need to worry if you think you do not have the resource to fund it. Your dream wedding is still possible on a low budget.

You need to plan for the big day. Prepare a budget and compare prices of goods and services before you make a choice. You must prioritise to have the best wedding but on a budget.

Below are 10 ways to achieve that;

Venue and Decor

Looking for a venue is sometimes a huge challenge taking into consideration the money involved in hiring such places. Decorations are also very expensive. It is therefore encouraged that you choose an already stylish venue to reduce cost. Possibly a place where little or no decorations will be needed. You can choose from venues such as a lovely botanical park, gallery or perhaps a well-groomed resort. With such venues, you spend less in decor as compared to an empty bare ground or space. You can also get a venue where you don’t have to pay for. Examples include the church you worship at or a family house.

Wedding Dress and Groom’s Attire

Every bride wants to get all the attention on her wedding day. The groom must also look good enough for the day. Gowns and tuxedos are expensive, if you are a fan of designer labels, you can keep a keen eye on seasons that designers clear out their stock and buy your gown and tuxedo at a discount. Gowns are usually  more expensive than what the groom wears, so if you are a bride who is highly conscious of her budget then you can opt for a custom-made gown to suit your needs at a lower price.

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Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Attire

Here it is advised that you keep it simple. If possible do not have a long bridal party. Stick to one bridesmaid and groomsman. If you still want to have a long bridal party then ask the members to bear their own cost.

Makeup and Hair

There are professional or renowned stylists who charge a lot of money just to have your hair and makeup done. But there are also some good stylists who can even do better at a lower rate. If possible arrange with the stylist you have decided on hiring so you buy your own makeup products and hire the stylist to help you look beautiful on your wedding day. If you have a friend or family member who can style you beautifully, use them since it will be cheaper.

Guest List

You want to have your dream wedding but on a low budget, consider cutting down on your guest list. It is a very difficult thing to do but remember a large number attracts more money. To prevent too many guests at the wedding consider holding it on a weekday. On a weekday a lot of people will not be available. Nevertheless, choose a day that majority of your loved ones can attend, you do not want to have an empty reception for a wedding.

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If you and your partner decide on an intimate gathering then you can go in for wines, cocktails, light savouries instead of the traditional buffet or luxurious dinner. You can also book resorts and catering services who offer great discounts on wedding packages. Or better still you can use a family caterer so your cost is reduced.


This covers lightening, sound, photography and many others. Hiring professionals who are well known are very expensive. There are also others in the same profession whose rates are lower but will still do a perfect job. You can also seek advice from friends who have had a relatively cheaper technical team and consider their reviews. When it comes to the technical aspect especially the photography, you should select the best at a cheaper cost. It is your day you can’t risk having blur pictures at the end of the event.


The cost of designing and printing of invites might be too high. But why print the invites when you can send invitations electronically? You could print a few invitations considering that not all your guests are technologically inclined. So you can incorporate both by printing out some cards and distributing others electronically.


Consider an exotic destination not too far away to cut the cost of expensive tickets. You can consider some beautiful destinations even in your own country. However, if your dream honeymoon destination is expensive, you could put it on hold and save for it later.

Wedding Favours

There are some things you can do yourself to avoid paying someone else for the same favours. Depending on your profession and hobbies there should be something you can do yourself just to cut down cost. You can record a lovely story of your journey with your partner on a CD and give it out, you can make cute little bags of treats too. Sometimes all you need is a little gift from your heart to your guests.

We hope you have a beautiful wedding and marriage as you have always dreamt irrespective of your budget.