• Leo season starts on July 23 and ends August 22.
  • There are 12 astrological seasons total, each coinciding with the 12 signs of the zodiac.
  • Every season means something different for your sign, and Leo season is all about having spontaneous fun in the sun.

You may have recently seen Jennifer Lopez is all excited for Leo season to start and thought, "Yesss, J.Lo!!!" Because, what else are you supposed to do when J.Lo is pumped about something? Well, it turns out shes psyched for a good reasonand you should be, too.

Leo season spans from July 23 to August 22, and, while its "just" one of the 12 astrological seasons, it has a pretty sweet vibe for practically everyone on the planet. Its all about having some F-U-N, while getting in touch with your inner self at the same time. Heres what else you can expect from this astrological season, according to Donna Page , a certified astrologer in Atlanta.

What does Leo season mean for your sign?

Leo is a fire sign, which means that it's pretty much known for being spontaneous, inspired, passionate, and, ya know, fired up. Leos are all about that, says Page, along with getting out and playing.

So, expect to feel a serious desire to have fun, take risks, and just get out there and shine throughout the next month. "Its a time to be really proud of who you are for you," Page explains. Youll also be seriously feeling yourself Beyonc-style and want nothing more than to flaunt what you got. Yup, that new bikini does make your butt look amazing, TYVM.

At the same time, your self-expression will be at an all-time high, Page says. Youll be inspired to take some fun fashion risks and might even take up an artsy hobby like painting or photography. As long as you can broadcast your overall youness to the world, youre golden.

During this time, you 100 percent wont give a d*mn what other people thinkor, at least, 99.99 percent. Someone disses your outfit? Theyre just jelly. Your new idea for a major work project gets the side-eye from your coworker? Whelp, everyone has at least one hater.

Best way to have fun in the summer? Eat ice cream! Watch this to find out the best flavor for your zodiac sign:

As youre reveling in your general awesomeness, youll also want to make little moments special. Sure, there are always birthdays and anniversaries to toast to, but youll be ready to go all out in celebration of everything, from your BFFs first day at her new job to getting to your local Starbucks when theres no line. Go with ittheres nothing wrong with commemorating the little things in life.

Everyones going to be feeling the love from Leo season, but Page says Leo and sister fire signs Aries and Sagittarius will feel this season the most.

How will Leo season impact the rest of your year?

Leo season is bringing all sorts of fun, and you so need it. Take this time to live it up with your friends and create memories youll love thinking back on during more serious times of the year.

Youll also get a major boost in the confidence department (woo!), and that can push you to do all kinds of big things. Maybe youll ask out that certain someone youve been lusting after since forever, and itll lead to an awesome relationship. Or maybe youll realize your job is not a good fit and move on to something bigger and better.

Above all, use Leo season to tap into your inner amazingness and celebrate itthat's the best way to max out this time.

Whats the next zodiac season?

Thatll be Virgo season, and itll make you shift into a more hard-working and grounded mode (sigh). So, for now, live it up. Summer cant last forever, but you can make the most of it while its here.