Brady's call comes after an injury to tight end Rob Gronkowski, who took a helmet to the knee on a tackle attempt by Denver Broncos safety Darian Stewart in the Patriots' 30-24 loss on Sunday.

The NFL has already outlawed hits around the head and shoulders, which led to more defensive backs going low.

"I do think they should change some of those rules with those defenceless receivers," Brady said on Wednesday.

"Quarterbacks get their legs protected. Defensive linemen get their legs protected. Linebackers get their legs protected.

"I don't see why a defenceless receiver shouldn't get his legs protected as well."

Brady did accept culpability for his inaccurate throw that put Gronkowski in harm's way.

"You hate to see you throw the ball to a position where one of your receivers is in a vulnerable position," he said.

"It gets tough. You always try to gauge how close the defender is and his ability to close on the ball. It"s a real hard thing for a quarterback.

"You know when the defender is in certain positions and you never want to throw to a certain zone where a guy"s just eyeing you and lining your receiver up and it"s a big blow up.

"A lot of time it"s outbreaking routes and a corner that"s sitting outside and they come from the outside in and hit your receiver. You never want to do that. We talk about that all the time.

"Obviously, it"s a contact sport, guys are going to get hit. You hate to see one of your guys take hits."