President of the Association of Ghana Industries, James Asare-Adjei has urged government to hasten slowly on the implementation of the

“The AGI, from day one has been against implementation of the tax stamps. Of course, its implementation is even a problem,” he told journalists in Accra.

“How can you monitor the number of bottles on the production line? If you go to a typical production line, the speed at which these bottles pass, how are you going to make sure that for each bottle you put the stamp on it? I think it is something we should hasten slowly on.

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“Let me indicate clearly that the AGI is not in support of the tax stamp, and we think that a lot more should be done,” he said. “Of course, we should look at the appropriate means of getting the needed revenue for government.” He said

The decision by government to implement the tax stamp has generated controversies among the business community.

The Ghana Importers and Exporters Association told they will increase prices of imported goods and beverages if government does not rescind its decision to implement the tax stamp policy in the manner it intends to.

Executive Director of the Importers and Exporters Association of Ghana, Samson Asaki Awingobite said: "Certainly, I can say that we will have to increase the cost of our goods if the tax stamp policy is implemented. This is because, we will have to further transport our goods from the port to a different location for the tax stamps to be put on them. You can imagine if we have to leave the goods there for some time for the stamps to be placed, we will have to pay for them to be packed and further transported to their destination. This comes at an extra cost and extra inconvenience to the importers."