The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority has introduced an express road-worthy inspection service for luxury cars and vehicle owners who can afford it.

Chief Executive Officer of the DVLA Nobel Appiah, who confirmed the news to, said  the service is available to customers upon request.

“ This is all in an attempting to raise additional revenue and also reduce time spent in acquiring a road worthy  certificate. It is available on request”, he said.

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Noble Appiah added that the special service will attract close to 15% more than the normal fee for acquiring a road-worthy certificate.

“The service will attract a little more in price because the service is of a higher quality.  There is a more comfortable area to sit while waiting for your car to be inspected. There is also entertainment, and refreshment available as well.”

For some customers, the introduction of the special service makes sense,  given that brand new cars, as well as luxury cars are easier to pass than older cars.