The maiden International Conference on Advanced Trends in ICT and Management, organized by the BlueCrest College has ended in Accra.

The second day involved expert discussions on the practical use of cloud computing in solving some of Africa’s basic problems.

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Mensah Sitti, a panellist from the Methodist University presented a paper on how cloud computing can be used to upgrade the county’s National Health Insurance Cards to better serve the needs of the Ghanaians.

According to Mr. Sitti, a smart card system can be deployed to increase the amount of information that can be easily accessible from the NHIS card to healthcare workers attending to a patient.

“ With the smart card system, the patient can carry the card to the hospital, which is then swiped in a receiver to retrieve not just basic information but detailed information about the patient’s medical history.”

This according to him will make it easy for the next doctor to know what medication and treatment to administer to a patients.

Use of Cloud for efficient customer service in the  provision of electricity

Using the power companies in Nigeria as a case study, presenter of the paper, Femi Akunlaguda, an energy analyst said cloud computing provides immense opportunities for data capture, analysis and solution provision.

“We must come to the realisation that a distributed service delivery system can only be made better with software. And we can prove that the Information Technology Infrastructure Library- ITIL and cloud computing will be the best way.”

Several experts delivered papers ranging from advertising, inventory management for public institutions using cloud computing, and other ways cloud  computing can be deployed in everyday life.

The conference brought together blue-chip companies like Google, Microsoft, IBM and Oracle, as well distinguished members of Academia from all over Africa to share their knowledge on cloud computing and management.