With $998m in over 600 projects in Ghana, here's India's footprint in Africa

Investments of $ 998 million by Indian corporates in more than 600 projects from 1994-2014


Capitals of countries in parentheses. Exports and Imports figures for India in relation to each country.

GHANA(Accra): Personal friendship between Nehru and Nkrumah. Investments of $ 998 million by Indian corporates in more than 600 projects from 1994-2014; India second largest foreign investor country by number of projects

MOROCCO(Rabat): Joint venture in fertiliser sector operational since 1999; Tata builds bus bodies in Casablanca. In 2014, exports $ 500.5 mn; imports $ 855.8 mn

ALGERIA(Algiers): Trade grew from $ 55 mn in 2001 to $ 3.33 bn in 2011; fell to $ 1.82 bn in 2014 due to fall in crude prices. Exports: auto spares, machinery; imports: oil and its products

MALI(Bamako): LoCs worth over $ 300 million. Among the world’s poorest, wracked by Tuareg rebellion and jihadi activities

NIGERIA(Abuja): Each other’s largest trading partners in Africa. Over 100 Indian owned/operated companies

NIGER(Niamey): In 2014-15, exports $ 78.22 mn; imports $ 0.55 mn

TUNISIA(Tunis): In 2014, exports $ 283.92 mn; imports $ 148.45 mn

LIBYA(Tripoli): Since August 2014, 3,592 Indians have been evacuated, mission temporarily relocated to D’jerba

CHAD(N’Djamena): Imports in 2014-15 $ 62.77 mn, mainly crude. Airtel acquired Zain Telecom in 2010, now Chad’s biggest network

EGYPT(Cairo): India sixth largest trading partner; in 2014-15, imports $ 1.74 bn (crude, rock phosphate); exports $ 3.02 bn

SUDAN(Khartoum): 30-odd bilateral agreements. In 2014-15, exports $ 882.47 mn; imports: $ 569.66 mn

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC (Bangui): War-torn country; trade relations minuscule. LoCs totalling nearly $ 90 million

SOUTH SUDAN(Juba): India did not take sides in Sudan’s civil wars; carries no baggage. ONGC Videsh Ltd has invested $ 2.5 bn in Sudan and South Sudan

UGANDA(Kampala): Modi visited Kampala in 2007 as Gujarat CM. In 2013-14, exports: $ 1.27 bn; imports $ 18.76 mn

ERITREA (Asmara): Former Italian and British colony, gained independence in 1993. In 2014-15, bilateral trade $ 244.73 mn

ETHIOPIA (Addis Ababa): Ties dating back 2000 years. At over $ 1 bn, single largest recipient of Indian LoC in Africa. Indian firms among top three foreign investors

KENYA(Nairobi): Old ties, strong Indian disapora, many Kenyans receive education in India. Trade $ 4.23 bn in 2014-15

SOMALIA(Mogadishu): Longest coastline in Africa. In 2014-15, exports: $ 352.81 mn; imports $ 38.25 mn

RWANDA(Kigali): Engagement at African Union, Regional Economic Communities and bilateral levels. Many Rwandans visit for medical treatment and education

BURUNDI(Bujumbura): Modest trade ($ 30.89 mn in 2013-14), heavily skewed in India’s favour

DR CONGO(Kinshasa): Several Indian LoCs, donations and grants. Huge possibility of cooperation in exploitation of natural resources. In 2014-15, exports $ 254.16 mn; imports $ 126.45 mn

TANZANIA(Dodoma): In June, President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete became first continental African leader to pay a state visit under Modi government. In 2014, exports $ 2.46 bn; imports $ 1.29 bn

MALAWI(Lilongwe): In 2014-15 exports $ 214.02 mn (textile yarn, fabrics); imports $ 36.78 mn (pulses, chickpea)

MOZAMBIQUE (Maputo): Several ministerial visits recently; LoCs worth over $ 600 million. Trade in 2014-15 $ 2.39 bn; exports $2.07 bn

ZIMBABWE(Harare): Series of visits at highest level up to late 90s. Bilateral trade volumes small, under $ 180 mn in 2014-15

SWAZILAND(Mbabane): Only contact at the highest level in Addis Ababa in 2011. Two LoCs worth $ 57.9 million

BOTSWANA (Gaborone): In 2013-14, exports $ 72.2 mn; imports $ 1.10 bn. Botswana’s main export is diamonds, but has huge deposits of other minerals

LESOTHO (Maseru): Landlocked country almost entirely surrounded by South Africa. Bilateral trade much below potential

SOUTH AFRICA(Cape Town): Ties historical and friendly, Gandhi and Mandela are shared icons, countries part of BRICS. In 2013-14, exports $ 5.07 bn; imports $ 6.07 bn

NAMIBIA(Windhoek): Relations traditionally warm; volume of trade small. Spike in Indian investments over last five years

ANGOLA(Luanda): India is second largest trade partner after China, 15% share in total external trade. In 2014-15, imports were $ 4.61 bn; exports: $ 552 mn

REPUBLIC OF CONGO(Brazzaville): Lines of Credit worth over $ 200 million, assistance in development and capacity building programmes

GABON(Libreville): In 2013, OIL discovered 41 million barrels of “in place” oil. Second largest producer of manganese

EQUATORIAL GUINEA(Malabo): Former Spanish colony, no high-level bilateral visits so far

CAMEROON (Yaoundé): Potential for cooperation and investment in oil and gas, mining, telecom, fertilisers, agriculture. In 2014-15, exports $ 249.13 mn; imports $ 745.35 mn

BENIN(Porto Novo): Expansion in ties since President Boni Yay’s visit in 2009. Trade in 2014-15 $ 720 mn.

TOGO(Lomé): Four LoCs totalling $ 144.35 million. Exports in 2014-15 $ 688.42 mn; imports $ 195.65 mn

BURKINA FASO(Ouagadougou): Trade $ 264.40 mn in 2014-15; imports (gold, cotton) growing faster than exports

COTE D’IVOIRE(Abidjan): Wracked by conflict. Main import cashew; India imports around 80%

LIBERIA (Monrovia): President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf conferred Indira Gandhi Peace Prize in 2012

SIERRA LEONE(Freetown): Trade volumes are limited, hit badly in 2014-15 by Ebola outbreak

GUINEA BISSAU(Bissau): Cashew bring more than 90% of export earnings; almost entire crop processed in India

THE GAMBIA(Banjul): Smallest country in mainland Africa. In 2014-15, exports: $ 73.53 mn; imports $ 36.08 mn (raw cashew, cotton)

MAURITANIA (Nouakchott): Virtually no economic relations, but considerable potential

CABO VERDE (Praia): Small trading relationship. Main exports: pharmaceuticals, drugs and plastics

SAN TOME AND PRINCIPE (São Tomé): Island in Atlantic; ONGC Videsh has oil block stake

DJIBOUTI(Djibouti City): Historical ties; trade in 2013-14 was $ 311.19 mn

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