President John Dramani  Mahama has denied any links with DKM Microfinance who  have gone bust with monies of the investors.

" I have not know the DKM guy from Adam. I had never seen him until yesterday when I saw him  the papers yesterday."

Explaining the issue to the gathering, President Mahama said, " The DKM  owner, when we checked, actually had only 10 million Ghana Cedis in his account, and he had collected monies to the tune of hundreds of millions of Cedis from customers"

The president added  that " They were going to withdraw this money and bolt with people's investment. That was when the Bank of Ghana froze their accounts. It was not true that the monies were been used to contract roads. The Bank of Ghana was rather protecting the rest of the investments of the investors."

The president then  addressed calls by the customers for government to intervene in the retrieval of their money, the President said,

"The Bank of Ghana has been given the mandate and autonomy to regulate financial institutions without interference from government. However, we cannot see harm coming to the people of the country and decide not intervene.

" We are working closely with the Bank of Ghana and the BNI to arrest the owners of these Microfinance companies, seize their assets if neccessary and and make sure investments are paid back." he added.