Nigerian Social media has been abuzz with news that a salt and water solution can prevent and even cure Ebola.

A broadcast being sent around has it that warm water and salt used early in the morning can make a difference against the disease. This news is false!

The truth is that Salt and Water can NOT cure or prevent Ebola in any way and in any form.

Salt water can be used for mouth sores or sore throats and is combined with sugar to make an oral rehydration solution (ORS) for people with cholera. Salt is also a good preservative but it does NOT cure Ebola!

The Ebola disease has no cure yet and the only form of treatment known at this time is an experimental drug known as ZMapp which is currently only available in the US.

Citizens of Nigeria are enjoined to keep proper hygiene and stay away from suspicious wildlife. Please also report any suspected symptoms of Ebola or symptomatic patients.

Please don't buy into the rumours of a Saltwater cure. It is totally false! Get valid and expert advice on Ebola and protect yourself.