Eighty percent of Ghanaians want the Electricity Company of Ghana to be privatised, a recent survey by the African Centre for Energy Policy (ACEP) has revealed.

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Some private businesses have already tended in a bid for a Public- Private Partnership deal with the Electricity Company of Ghana, according to the Millennium Development Authority.

Under the deal, the government is supposed to go for one of the several options of a Public- Private Partnership that will help the ECG collects its debts more efficiently.

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And the government has opted for a concessional partnership which will see a partner that will have exclusive rights to operate, maintain and invest in the ECG for a number of years.

But Dr Amin Adams told Accra-based 3FM that at least five companies which have been awarded oil blocks have not moved to the site.

He believed the situation could affect the country's energy requirements in the long term.