Alleged practice of homosexuality causes stir at Lomnava community in Accra

In the conservative suburb of Lomnava, Accra, an alleged incident of homosexual activity has stirred significant controversy.


Selma Fiagbedu, a resident of the community, has become the focal point of attention after she was reportedly caught in bed with another woman.

The incident has not only sparked outrage within the community but has also resulted in Fiagbedu becoming a wanted individual by both state agencies and members of her own family.

Lomnava, a sub-urban community in Accra, is known for its conservative values.

Homosexuality is widely frowned upon, and societal norms strongly discourage any such behavior.


Therefore, when news of the alleged homosexual activity involving Selma Fiagbedu surfaced, it sent shockwaves through the community.

According to reports, Selma Fiagbedu was caught in bed with another woman by unknown individuals.

The incident took place in the Lomnava community, where such acts are not only socially unacceptable but also illegal according to Ghanaian bill which was recently passed by Parliament.

The news of the alleged homosexual activity involving Selma Fiagbedu has caused widespread outrage within the Lomnava community.

Members of the community, including Fiagbedu's family members, have expressed their disapproval and have distanced themselves from her.


As homosexuality is illegal in Ghana, the alleged incident has legal consequences.

State agencies are actively seeking Selma Fiagbedu for questioning in relation to the incident.

The matter has escalated to the point where she is now a wanted individual.

The alleged incident involving Selma Fiagbedu has brought to light the sensitive issue of homosexuality in the conservative suburb of Lomnava, Accra.

It has not only led to widespread community outrage but has also resulted in legal consequences for those involved.


The situation remains tense as state agencies continue their efforts to locate and question Selma Fiagbedu regarding the incident.


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