Angry chief fines NDC executives GHC10K and 10 sheep, orders reversal of curse

The Effutuakwa Traditional Council slapped heavy fines on some executives of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Assin Central Constituency of Central Region's Fosu Municipality after finding them guilty of violating customary regulations.

Angry chief fines NDC executives GHC10K and 10 sheep, orders reversal of curse

Reports say that the NDC officials have been ordered to deliver ten sheep, six boxes of Heineken Aromatic Schnapps, and GH¢10,000.00 within two weeks to perform the necessary rituals to reverse the curses. Additionally, they are required to visit Antoa and Assin Nyankomasi towns, where powerful deities were invoked, to conduct rituals to revoke the curses.

The Assin Fosu Queenmother, Nana Afranse IV, and Okumaneng Baffuor Asare Kyeahene II, who represented the Traditional Council, stated that this directive is intended to serve as a deterrent to others. The NDC had accused the NPP's Parliamentary Candidate (PC) of orchestrating the transfer of voters from Kasoa to the Assin Central Constituency. In response, outraged party members, led by the Assin Central NDC Women’s Organiser Agartha Yawson, invoked the river gods Antoa Nyama and Betinsin by slaughtering sheep, aiming to prevent any electoral fraud in the December general election.

Following community reports about the curses, the Traditional Council summoned the NDC officials. The council expressed their outrage, emphasising that invoking curses is strictly prohibited on Effutuakwa land.

“Invoking curses is not allowed on Effutuakwa land; the act of invoking curses should not have happened. It is an act that the traditional authority strongly disapproves of. If you invoke a curse and slaughter a sheep, causing blood to spill onto the ground, it signifies a call for blood. It is taboo to call for the blood of any inhabitant of this community. There are severe consequences for invoking curses, and we, as leaders of this community, do not wish to experience any calamity. That is why we have summoned you here to reverse the curses you have cast. We must appease the gods and other spirits on Effutuakwa land for what has transpired,” stated Chief Okumaneng Baffuor Asare Kyeahene II.

Chief Okumaneng also criticised the political tactics of invoking curses, noting that high-profile political figures such as John Mahama, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, Asiedu Nketiah, and NPP General Secretary Justin Frimpong Kodua have never resorted to such measures. He questioned why lower-level political operatives were willing to harm others in their quest for power, highlighting the discrepancy between their public confrontations and private camaraderie.

“As politicians, you dine together, socialise together, but when you appear on radio and TV, you act like enemies, yet we know you are friends. So why is it that in your quest for political power, you wish to harm the people of this land? We have never heard John Mahama, Bawumia, Asiedu Nketiah, or NPP General Secretary Justin Frimpong Kodua invoke a curse. So why is it that those lower down the political ladder are the ones invoking curses, willing to harm each other to gain political power?” Chief Okumaneng Baffuor Asare Kyeahene II quizzed.

The Effutuakwa Traditional Council's ruling underscores the importance of adhering to customary laws and maintaining peace and respect within the community, particularly in the politically charged atmosphere leading up to the general elections.


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