Angry farmer attacks 'thief' with cutlass at Akyem Akroso, threatens to kill him

An enraged farmer has attacked a thief with a cutlass after repeatedly discovering that his farm goods had been stolen at Akyem Akroso in the Eastern Region, the thief, who had previously been employed by the farmer, had been pilfering produce over a period of time, leading to mounting frustration and anger.

Enraged farmer attacks thief with cutlass at Akyem Akroso, threatens to kill him

A video of the confrontation has been circulating online, capturing the intense moment. In the footage, the farmer is seen holding a cutlass and furiously confronting the thief.

He shouts, "Help me take care of my farm, and you are stealing from me. Is the farm yours? Is it yours? You are lucky I didn't see you on the farm, or I would have killed you."

The incident has sparked a range of reactions on social media, with many users expressing their views on the farmer's actions and the broader issue of farm theft.

KNUST ZADDY, tweeting under the handle @SolomonAbugah, commented, "You’ll think this man is doing bad until someone does the same thing to you. People who think they know the law will say he’s wrong."

Odompo Jnr, using the handle @de_plugonline, related his own experiences with farm theft, stating, "Same thing happening on my farm. I’ll one day catch the thief."

Jeremiah Johnson, with the handle @a_jerry_j, expressed his concern for the farmer, He underscored the potential dangers and legal repercussions that can arise from taking the law into one's own hands., "Hmmmm, someway..... I'm even scared for him."

The video and the responses it has generated illuminate the significant challenges faced by farmers in protecting their livelihoods.


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