Eyewitnesses allege Kasoa chief fired gunshot that killed military officer

Reports indicate that a local chief at Millennium City, Kasoa in the Central Region was the one who allegedly fired the gunshots that resulted in the brutal killing of a military man over a land dispute.

Eyewitnesses say Kasoa chief allegedly fired gunshot that killed military officer

The tragic event has left the community reeling and raised questions about the escalation of violence in land-related conflicts.

According to reports from Accra-based Citi News, the altercation stemmed from a land dispute involving the brother of one of the military officers. It is said that the brother had purchased a parcel of land from certain chiefs in Millennium City, only to encounter fierce opposition from landguards whenever attempts were made to develop the property.

Seeking to resolve the conflict, the deceased military officer, accompanied by two fellow officers, ventured to the disputed land. Despite having previously lodged a complaint at the Millennium City District Police Command, their efforts to address the situation peacefully were thwarted.

Upon arriving at the scene in a Toyota Rav 4 with registration number GR 3591-24, the officers encountered individuals working on the land. As they attempted to halt the activity and lodge another complaint at the District Police station, they were intercepted by the Gyasehene of Millennium City, identified as Benlord Ababio.


Eyewitnesses recounted a tense exchange between the military officers and the chief, during which the latter purportedly implored the former not to proceed to the Divisional Police Command. Ignoring the plea, the officers continued on their course, prompting the alleged assailant to fire shots at their vehicle from behind.

“I saw the incident happen right in front of me. The Chief, Benload Ababio met the military officers at the District Police station and was trying to speak to them not to go to the Divisional Police Command but they didn’t listen.

“While they were heading to the Divisional command just after moving their vehicle the Gyamehene Benlord Ababio fired at their vehicle just behind them leading to one of the officers dying in the process. Two other officers escaped unhurt but the chief was arrested immediately after the incident and sent to the Divisional Police Command.

He was later transferred to Accra Division by the police for fear of being attacked by the landguards in the area,” quotes one of the eyewitnesses as saying.


Tragically, one of the officers succumbed to the injuries sustained in the gunfire, while the other two escaped unharmed. The accused chief was swiftly apprehended at the scene by law enforcement officers and subsequently transferred to the Accra Division amidst concerns of reprisal from local landguards.

The identity of the deceased officer has not yet been disclosed, pending further investigation into the incident. Shock and disbelief gripped bystanders as the grim aftermath unfolded, with speculation rife about the underlying causes of the deadly confrontation.

Authorities have yet to issue an official statement regarding the shooting, leaving many questions unanswered and heightening tensions in the community.


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