Female pastor in tears as she recalls how she lost wealth and returned to poverty

Rose Mutua's journey has been marked by resilience, sacrifice, and unwavering faith.

Rose Mutua

From the challenges of her youth to the pinnacle of success, the Kenyan woman's life took an unexpected turn when the church she had worked tirelessly to establish was demolished.

A documentary made by Afrimax English highlighted how Rose, the second of seven siblings, found herself thrust into responsibility at a young age after her mother's passing just before she entered class 7. Faced with financial struggles, her father turned to alcohol, leaving Rose and her siblings in the care of their grandmother. Despite the odds, Rose's determination led her to work as a house helper in town at the age of 12 to support her family.

A turning point came when her grandmother's sister sought help from a local Catholic priest who agreed to sponsor Rose’s education from high school up to university. There, she met her current husband, and together they built a life filled with success after school, supporting not only their children but also Rose's siblings in their education.

As the couple enjoyed financial stability, Rose felt a calling to serve God more directly. Despite her husband's initial reservations, she left her lucrative sales job at the bank and enrolled in a bible study school. Rose, together with a colleague pastor who she attended the Bible school with decided to come together to establish a church. A good Samaritan assisted them in securing a bank loan, with which they bought a piece of land and put up their church.


The church became a pillar in the community, providing not only spiritual guidance but also practical support. A music studio for the youth, a bakery offering training for women, and a feeding program for the needy showcased Rose's commitment to uplifting those around her.

However, their world crumbled when some officials backed by armed police officers brought heavy equipment and demolished their church one night. Rose and her husband fought valiantly, but the battle proved futile. She developed high blood pressure as a result of the unforeseen occurrence that reduced all her toils, heart and financial resources invested in the work of God to debris.

The financial fallout was devastating, forcing them to sell off belongings, including cars, and relocate to start anew in a very rural area.

Despite the hardships, Rose and her family dream of building a house and starting a poultry farm. Financial constraints hinder their progress, but Rose remains passionate about resuming God's work. The family owns a piece of land where they hope someone can assist in drilling a borehole for irrigation farming to generate income.

Rose's fervent desire is to stand on the pulpit again, preaching the gospel and transforming the lives of young people mired in drug use and deviant behaviours. She envisions a return to the feeding program for the needy, a continuation of the mission she believes is central to her purpose.


As Rose and her family navigate the challenges of rebuilding, their unwavering faith and determination serve as a testament to the power of resilience and the enduring pursuit of God's calling in the face of adversity.


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