Lady, 26, says she's not eaten food or drunk water in 16 years: 'It’s God's work'

Muluwork Ambaw, a 26-year-old woman from Ethiopia, has recently captured international attention after claiming to have spent the last 16 years of her life without consuming any food or water. Her extraordinary assertion has sparked both intrigue and scepticism within the medical community and beyond.

'It’s God’s work' - Lady, 26, says she's not eaten food or drunk water in 16 years

According to Ambaw, her journey began at the tender age of 10 when, inexplicably, her appetite vanished overnight. Despite her lack of sustenance, she asserts that she leads a normal life, displaying good health and abundant energy to fulfil her daily responsibilities, including cooking and running errands.

While Ambaw's claims have garnered widespread interest, medical confirmation has remained elusive. Despite undergoing numerous tests, including examinations at a hospital in Addis Ababa, no definitive evidence has been found to support or refute her assertions. Notably, doctors did confirm the absence of any food in her intestines during one examination.

Ambaw's case gained renewed attention when travel vlogger Drew Binsky visited her after hearing her story while in Ethiopia. His video documenting their encounter quickly went viral, drawing further scrutiny to Ambaw's extraordinary claims. This isn't the first time she's been in the spotlight; rumours of her ability to survive without sustenance began circulating in 2016, prompting extensive media coverage.

In her own words, Ambaw recalls the last time she consumed food—a red lentil stew with injera, a traditional Ethiopian dish. She initially concealed her lack of appetite from her family but eventually revealed the truth. Remarkably, she maintains that she hasn't needed to use the bathroom for bodily functions in the past 16 years, except during bathing.


In 2021, news surfaced that the Ethiopian Prime Minister had arranged for Ambaw to undergo testing by doctors in Dubai. While she claims the doctors found nothing wrong with her, details regarding any ongoing observation remain unclear.

When asked about her extraordinary circumstance, Ambaw simply attributes it to divine intervention, stating, "I have nothing to say. It's God's work, and I just accept that."

Ambaw's claim challenges established beliefs about human physiology, as Guinness World Records states the longest recorded period without food and water is 18 days. However, Ambaw asserts she has surpassed this mark, living without both sustenance and liquids for over 16 years.


Ambaw's story serves as a perplexing anomaly, prompting further inquiry into the limits of human survival.


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