Man narrates how wife set him up with mother-in-law and she got pregnant (video)

Imagine having an affair with your mother-in-law and getting her pregnant and later realising that it was all a plot involving your wife.

Man narrates how wife set him up with mother-in-law and she got pregnant

That was the situation Ibrahim from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania found himself in. He is from a poor background, and couldn’t have formal education. He made a living from transporting goods for people. It was on one such occasion he met a female client called Sherifa and they exchanged contacts.

She became his regular client and they ended up in a romantic relationship. Sherifa introduced him to her mother and he was welcomed warmly into the family. As time went by, Sherifa proposed and they got married. They had a beautiful wedding and he moved to stay with his wife happily in the mother-in-law’s house.

One day, Sherifa called Ibrahim from work and asked him to go home, saying her mother was not well. He rushed home only to meet her mother-in-law naked in the backyard taking a bath. He, out of respect for the mother-in-law, returned in an attempt to avoid seeing her nakedness, but the woman entreated him to feel free and not worry.

With time, Ibrahim started having sex with his mother-in-law in addition to Sherifa who had been setting him up all along without him knowing, according to a documentary by Afrimax English.


One day, she pretended to have a business in town and left Ibrahim and the mother-in-law at home. The old woman forced herself on her son-in-law and they had sex. When Ibrahim narrated the incident to Sherifa and asked for forgiveness, she said it was no big deal.

The love triangle continued as Sherifa’s mother kept visiting often and had sex with Ibrahim until she became pregnant. The development worried Ibrahim so much that he became depressed and suicidal.

Later, a man emerged, claiming to be Sherifa’s father. It was at that point Ibrahim started feeling guilty and feared the man might find out that he had been sleeping with his wife and impregnated her. The confused young man fled the area to avoid trouble.

Having reflected on his life, Ibrahim wishes to reunite with his wife whom he loves deeply. He still can’t fathom why she would collude with her mother to get him entangled in such a love triangle. He is considering making his wife join him and not the other way round, to avoid the resumption of the weird love triangle.


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