More people should die so I can get more jobs - Ghanaian grave tiler prays

A Ghanaian grave tiler has sparked controversy with his remarks, stating that he wishes for people to die so he can get more job opportunities. The tiler, who was seen sitting on a freshly tiled grave, made the shocking statement in a video that has gone viral.

You people should die so I can get more jobs - Ghanaian grave tiler announces

"We don't wish for the death of our fellow human beings, but you people should die so that I can get more job opportunities," he said nonchalantly.

His words have been met with widespread outrage and condemnation.

The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of empathy and respect for the dead and their families.

The remarks have ignited a heated debate on social media. Twitter user KNUST ZADDY (@SolomonAbugah) commented, "If he is a professional tiler, he won’t be working on graves. Professional tilers get better jobs."

Another user, PACHECO (@Pachecolart77), humorously responded, "As he dey pray say make menners die, then we too for pray hard for long life ooo. Coz any bro Wey go slack in prayers n)) den dema cocoa season be that ooo 😂😂😂."

Nhyiraba Baffour (@Ahwene_Pa_Nkasa) pondered a deeper question, stating, "This has been lingering in my thoughts. What is the prayer point of mortuary attendants, coffin makers, and gravesite workers and all those who work on the dead?"

The grave tiler's comments have raised important discussions about the livelihoods of those who work in the death industry and the ethical considerations surrounding their professions.

In 2020, Solomon Nyarko, a 35-year-old mortuary attendant, admitted that his daily prayer is for people to die so he can earn money to support his family.

Nyarko, who has always aspired to be a mortuary attendant, clarified that it isn't his personal wish for people to die, but given his profession, he explained, "If people don’t die, then I am out of a job. So, automatically, my prayer is for people to die so I can eat."


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