Woman who killed husband on his birthday says death sentence handed to her is too harsh

A Kenyan woman who is in jail on a death sentence for killing her husband on his birthday has recounted how it all happened, lamenting the death sentence handed to her is too harsh.

Bancy Mukami

The convict, identified as Bancy Mukami from the country’s Embu County has been in prison for nearly ten (10) years but she is now calling for an appeal against her sentence.

She told Inooro TV in an interview from the prison that she killed her husband out of self-defence, adding he attacked her first with a knife and she thought he was going to kill her.

She recalled that on that fateful day, she and her husband had out to party with another couple to celebrate his birthday before things turned sour after they returned home.

“We returned home at around 10 pm, and we went to the bedroom, where we started arguing about something,” Mukami said in the interview with Inooro TV.


The argument escalated into physical attacks, which she said were first launched by her now deceased husband and she only retaliated and it, unfortunately, turned fatal.

“He was behind me, and so he cut here on my face,” Mukami recounted while pointing to a huge visible scar on the left side of her face that she claimed was a result of the injury she sustained from her husband’s attack.

“I remember my house help telling me that I was bleeding profusely, and so I thought he would kill me.”

According to her, she thought it prudent to defend herself against the man, which led to both of them sustaining life-threatening injuries.


The couple was rushed to the hospital, but her husband was pronounced dead on arrival while she was treated and escorted to the police station, reports say.

In her view, the death sentence meted out to her is harsh considering that she was under attack and saved her life.

“The death sentence was harsh, and the lawyer that the government gave me was not interested in keeping me out of jail. I want an appeal,” Mukami lamented.

She went further to cry about being denied freedom perpetually including access to her child whom she has not seen since the incident happened.


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