The Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) are ready for the military burial of their colleague, Major Maxwell Mahama at the forecourt of the State House.

The military final funeral ceremony will see among others, over 200 soldiers lining up along the streets at the State House and the military cemetery.

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Fourteen military persons constituting an honour guard team will fire three volleys from their rifles to pay their last respects to the deceased.The national flag, regarded as the soul and spirit of the country, will be used to cover the casket and later folded and presented to the wife as an honour for keeps and remembrance that her husband passed on while serving ‘the colours’, as military tradition demands.

His sword and cap will be placed on his coffin to signify his position as a commissioned officer.

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He will be buried in a special coffin produced by the Ghana Armed Forces.

Details of the burial service of Major Maxwell Adam Mahama were released by the planning committee on behalf of the government.

The Chairman of the Committee, Enoch Osei-Mensah indicated on Wednesday that a vigil service will be held by the military at the Arakan Officers’ Mess on Thursday June 8 at 1900 hrs.

According to him the body of the deceased would be moved from 37 Military Hospital to the forecourt of the State House on Friday June 9 at 0600 hrs for filing past. His burial will subsequently begin at 0910hrs.

There will later be a procession to the Osu Military Cemetery for interment.

Final funeral rites will be held at the Forecourt of the State House immediately after burial.

The thanksgiving service will be held at the Lighthouse Chapel International, North Kaneshie, on Sunday June 11 at 1030hrs.

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The final funeral rites will be held at Bole from June 13 to June 15 and Tumu from June 16 to June 18 respectively.