Residents in Tamale residing in the neighbourhood of Ghana’s deputy ambassador to Saudi Arabia Hajia Boya Gariba had the shock and fear of their lives Sunday morning when the diplomat started firing gunshots at a nearby church.

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A boy had earlier been sent by the Ambassador to ask the church members to tone down the noise from the church but they reportedly manhandled him.

Hajia Gariba, who confirmed the incident to Accra-based Starr FM said she gave the warning shots only as a self-defense mechanism.

“They came here to attack me so I had to call the regional commander, and I told them to stop, you won’t stop because its not a church. I did the shooting because they gave it (gun) to us for self protection.

“I have reported to the police, the CID has come here several times they won’t stop. I was bathing then they came here to attack us and they even wounded this boy so I have shot. The gun is licensed and I have been trained to use it,” she said.